The Messy Truth About Cats and Milk

May 11, 2018

Ms. Bon Bon, 2 hours prior to diarrhea explosion in living room.


Think twice before giving a saucer of milk to your cat or that cute stray down the street. While television, movies, and your grandmother might swear by giving milk to cats, the reality is a little...messier.


After weaning, cats are basically lactose intolerant. Because they can’t digest milk, a couple of problems arise when they drink it:


1. The undigested milk draws water into the intestine.


2. Intestinal bacteria start to party hard, eating up all the undigested sugar (lactose), which creates gas.


The result? A gassy cat with diarrhea and cramps. Not very nice for your furry friend! (Or your new white rug.)


If you are looking for a simple treat for your cat, avoid milk. Cats are carnivores, so meat is a better choice. Keep it simple. Consider canned tuna fish or cooked chicken breast. No need for any seasonings or additives. Most cats love the taste of meat by itself.


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