The Great Pug Debate

To Pug or not to Pug? That is the question.

Emma thinks we should get a Pug because they are cute and wiggly and make funny snorting sounds.

But I've met a lot of Pugs, and unfortunately, many of them have health problems. Most can't breathe properly, and then there are eye problems, skin problems, dental problems, and/or neurologic problems. This is the trouble with being a vet - you end up just thinking about what can go wrong.

That said, some of my favorite patients are Pugs - they are usually friendly little rascals. And as far as cuteness, I agree that Pug puppies are very, very cute.

So the debate rages on. This poll is intended to settle the debate about whether we should get a Pug or not.

The poll is through a link. A new window is gonna open. So just prepare yourself for that. It's gonna go...pop!

Click here.

We need at least one million people to say that we should get a Pug in order to get one. Actually, make that ten million. And these ten million people need to be a clear majority. So if eleven million people say no, then no Pug.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, here is a Pug in old age. Just sayin'.

Murdoch the Pug - Age 2 and 1/2?

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