A Cat Did That?!

On Episode 2: Vodka Iced Tea Lemonade, we played I segment I call, "A Cat Did That?!" in which I read to Will stories of cats in the news and he had to determine if they were real or fake. Here are the stories that inspired the questions.

1. Everyone loves a main/pedi spa day, even your cat! The newest, hottest feline fashion trend is owner/cat matching manicures.

TRUE - Find the full story at The Independent

2. This week you can't turn on the news without hearing about the national gun debate in the US. One YouTuber went viral with a video comparing guns to cats and the NRA to crazy cat ladies.

TRUE - Watch the full video above!

3. You've probably heard of cat cafes, quiet, cozy places to get a cup of coffee and snuggle with cats. In Brooklyn, NY, you can now go to cat cafes in the day, to cat clubs at nights.

FAKE - But there was a cat night at a bar in Brooklyn

4. In Switzerland, a woman has become the first person to get a tattoo made from her cat's hair.

TRUE - Read about it at The Mirror

5. A time traveler from the year 4000 claims that there are no pet cats in the future.

TURE - Well... he claims to be a time traveler.

6. A new hit show in Japan features a "lone-wolf" samurai who is hired to assassinate a rivals cat, but when the cat is too cute to kill, it becomes his side-kick.

TRUE - The only show you'll ever need.

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