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Moving With Pets
We are fleeing the country in search of new adventures!
But first, let's talk about tips for moving with Fuzzy.
After that, some road trippers join us for an animal-themed showdown dating back to the Revolutionary War.
Finally, a dog in human clothes. Why? Because the internet!
We will return in September with all new episodes. Fuzzy still loves you!




A podcast for people who loves animals.

*Disclaimer: People who do not love animals should not be trusted.

I'm a vet.


Just Two Humans

Hi, we are Emma and Will Pass, and we are married with cats. One of us is a veterinarian who knows a lot about animals, while the other is a person who loves animals (and podcasts) a lot. Naturally, we spend a lot of time talking about our four-legged friends, so we bought a mic and hit record. We hope to entertain while helping the "Fuzzy" in your life stay as happy and healthy as possible. Enjoy!

And I'm not.


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The same podcast you've come to love, but now with more armadillo references!


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